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  • Happy Birthday!! I hope you hadd a Nice day.
  • Don't put my glitch art in the contest. I'd rather not win honestly.
    • By rather not win I'm not trying to sound cocky. I meant to say I'd rather not have a chance to win. Thanks!
  • kan
  • Hi Oeroe :) I was looking at the trophies you obtained, and noticed that I've also reached those goals but don't have those trophies. Any idea why that is?
  • Excuse me sir, it seems that you will be spending lots of time in this game, Peria Chronicles. After my public exam in Hong Kong I'll be playing this game as long as I can, hope to see you in the game, Peria Chronicles.
    • i will try to play as much as i can but irl stuff will always have priority and without a release date, i can not tell you how much time i will have by than.
      but whenever i make it, i also look forward to seeing you ingame (even though the time difference will make it hard to be online at the same time)