Greetings, Everybody!

  • This is my introduction thingy! ^^

    Hi everyone! Please call me Ren if you want to be more casual!

    I'm a long-time-ish FFXIV player but I'm on a big break from it at the moment. I found myself craving an MMO more designed around exploration and community (which there don't seem to be any of now :<), and although FFXIV has a great story and a beautiful world, I wasn't getting those things out of my experience with it. I'm hoping Peria is the one - I'm really looking forward to its release! The creation aspect is very appealing to me and it'd be exciting to join in from day one.

    Which MMOs have you guys played before, and what qualities do you value the most in them? <3

  • Welcome to our community Ren!~

    Glad to have you here and waiting for Peria, hopefully it doesn't take too long to get here!

    About what MMOs I played.. well I played the online Final Fantasy before, I guess I just wasn't into it or had to do with it being subscription based, can't remember it's been so long!

    I enjoyed playing Mabinogi for all the classes and jobs it had. I hope Peria has plenty of choices for players to do, so that we don't have to just fight all day, but can settle down too ^-^!