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    Did someone say paying all the money in the world to make my waifu look qt? I'm in, where do I throw this cash out to?

    Most likely but hopefully it's not P2W. Then again it's Nexon and they've disappointed me a lot before so I won't get my hopes up.

    No news about Beta Test, sad times, it seems like regardless of that this is still going to be a great help in developing the game as they'll get more help on it for sure now. Hype hype, it seems they are putting their all into Peria which is good, I'll look forward to their final product! AI system is cool but it might make or break the system of the game. I guess it'll feel a lot more like a fantasy world if they do though since it'll feel more like it's run by the "world" itself not by people working on Peria, it should be a bit more immersive, we'll see.

    It's a pretty fun hack and slash game that I've just been enjoying a lot nowadays, though yeah you need to be in the mood to just smack and kill a lot of bad guys. I made a guild in it if anyone wants to join, it's called Lionheart! I wouldn't say it's too challenging but definitely rewards those that dodge a lot and are patient when it comes to it's hardest difficulty Manic, it will destroy you if you're not careful. Brb, spamming Manic to get drops I'll never get because I suck at this game and it's RNG game...

    Hello! I've seen you on discord, but I've never said anything on there so... if I do ever say anything I'll be Harooka! Hope you find this place a enjoyable as discord! :D

    Hellooooo, yes I've seen you around too! It's okay, I don't tend to not say much either and sit in the back ahaha. Sadly, I'm not a big super forum person but maybe Peria will change that! Hope to see you in-game and chat with you more often whether it's here or on the discord! Thanks, I'll gladly take your hope and ramp it up 10 fold.

    Aaaayyyyyaaaaa welcome to the forums! :D

    Lynka! Hello, thank you! I'm welcome being welcomed anytime by you.

    Ayyy Welcome Aya! What took ya so long. Edit: I know i'm late on the news :(

    Ayeeee, sorry Captain, had a bit off an issue dealing with the other crewmen back at the island so I needed to take a detour before boarding the ship! But I'm on now, ready to steal some Peria bounty hahaha! Nonono, sorry I'm late, I'm an incompetent member of the crew and should be punished, feed me to the fishies...

    Welllllllcome <3

    Yayayaya, Amamamamma, Thank you Thank you, I'm here in the hype squad as a Peri Nerd now haha.

    Welcome :)

    Thank you for your welcome! Your name reminds me of a robot or droid's serial number but that's not a bad thing, I'll call you my new Welcoming bot!

    Welcome finally Aya.

    I'll take this opportunity to say Hello, H-aya, I'm Aya, Nice to Meet ya. You seem like a nice person, I like you! Wow I feel as if we've known each other for over a year already and we're already super close and bonded, this is a blessing! Peria has blessed us with this fateful meeting! I was justtttt a tinyyyy bit late okay, I had problems okay, too many buttons to press, it was complicated, I'm just a little Aya, be gentle.... Look how cute I am, you think so too? Mhmhmhm, thank you thank you~ Thanks for the welcome, I have finally passed your magical girl trials and have been graced with being here.

    Hello there,

    If you've been around the Peria Chronicles discords you should know me as Aya there, and now I'm Aya here!
    I've known this game since it was first called Project NT and I've been pretty excited to play it ever since it was announced, like most people a lot of the hype died when they didn't announce any updates on it for the longest time but I never gave up hope and never will! Then they released the Peria Chronicles updates in 2016 and I was ecstatic and it came back to me why I loved this game and wanted to immerse myself in this world so much. From the pretty designs, to the creative aspects that it has to offer, the fact that we can do anything and everything we choose to make Peria a game, a world, a place where we can all get along and live in with each other! It's just amazing and I can't wait to get my hands on the game once it comes out, which I hope is sooooonnn, waiting is annoying but it will be worth it! I want to try to create a 100 floor dungeon similar to Aincrad from SAO, anyone is welcome to help me if they wish to! That being said I'll end this off with a brief summary of things I do and like:

    IGN: Aya
    Games I Play: League of Legends, S4 League, 100% Orange Juice, Blade and Soul. Visual Novels, Player Unknowns Battleground, Tree of Savior and Starcraft 2.
    Likes: Video games, Otaku stuff - Anime, Manga, Light Novels, Visual Novels, Music - Usually Weeb Stuff but I like EDM too, Cooking, Eating, Sleeping, Being lazy so I'll end it off here!

    I look forward to seeing everyone in game and playing with you all! All Hail Peria!