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    Hello Takogal! Nice to meet you, however, might you explain how you came to be an octopus girl. I know "tako" (たこ) means octopus, and you can guess "gal", but why lol? Anyway, nice to meet you, may we one day cross paths in-game!

    Thank youuu! Ahaha, well I just really REALLY like octopus and I thought tako+gal = takogal! ヽ(・▽・)ノ
    (I'm glad someone understood it lol)

    Yay I hope so too!

    Jaja yeee ! welcome!! I was also playing Overwatch and BDO SA but I'm so tired about fancy games, I really wanna play an anime mmo like this qwq..

    Thank you!! ♡ I'm still playing OW from time to time haha, but yeah I feel you. Also omg your icon, Lily! I love net juu no susume.

    Welcome to the Peria family Takogal!

    I'm super glad you decided to come hang out with us~

    I feel the same way you do, I've always wanted an anime sandbox mmorpg and now it seems like dreams really do come true.

    You know, if you wish hard enough! ♥

    Thank you so much :'3!
    Yessss, now let's hope it soon releases! hahah ( ✧ w✧)

    Welcome! Or should I say... Bienvenid@!

    Mi idioma principal tambien es español haha :3

    Igual soy nueva *-* espero verte por aquí o en el juego ♡

    Welcome to the forums!

    Hopefully you won't have to wait too long for this MMO to come out >w<

    Thank you! Yes let's hope!

    Welcome to the forums :D, glad you're here! Hopefully you'll like this forums atmosphere, its a great place to find a group that you'd like to play with when Peria does come out, and of course socialize

    ^ -^ Thank you, hope to see you all of you guys on peria when it releases.

    Late Welcome to the gang/crew~

    Thank you! ~

    Welcome to the crew!

    The attack is phychological and powerful!:*

    Thank you! And indeed lol, it is quite powerful.

    Ooohh~ snacks! I'll take them all (「╹▽╹)「 ! * nom nom *

    Thank you!

    Hi! I found this forum yesterday and thought it was pretty neat, I rarely participate in forums but this time I thought "why not?". I was trying not to over hype myself for this game but now it's TOO LATE.

    I've been searching a long time for a MMO and this seems like "The one".

    Currently I don't play any MMOs but I play Overwatch (not a fan of FPS but I liked this one), and LoL. Hope we get along! ( ’▽’)♡