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    Welcome to the community and hello!

    Not too much going on here lately, but hopefully with the coming winter update, we will see more activity.

    I believe that Facebook page is not official, ran by the same community and admins as the fansite. They probably know as much as any of us. The holidays are still just ending, so they probably are still preparing whatever announcement it is or news they have to give.

    THERE IS HOPE! ^^:!:

    The videos they have embedded are from Peria Thingsoft YouTube channel and Nexon Official Channel and button for log in is "Administrator Log-in". My guess is that it's what they will use that as the official Peria Chronicles promotion site and it's still under construction. Usually, promotion sites for KR games have shorter links like that which are only made for showing off the game's assets (gameplay, races, lore, etc.) separate from the publisher's main site (the site that will have patch notes and stuff).






    In this case we will have for Peria Chronicles,



    It is only a guess tho. ^^

    The only thing i am affraid of is that there will not be much variaty in the summons... and will there be pay 2 play monsters??

    Well, I don't think they will dumb enough to add a gacha for special kiranas or as "pay to play monsters". Korean gamers throw a lot of shade on games with that stuff nowadays.

    Speaking about the specs of the game, I'm wondering if it'll have controller support. If i could play with my Ps4 controller, I'd feel 10x more at home. It'd make it feel just like dot hack for me lol.

    Controller support and invert mouse option!

    I don't think I'll have a whole new PC by the time it's released... mine can run BDO pretty ok, so I hope that means the same for Peria.

    If it can run BDO okay, I'll guess that at least gfx will suffice with whatever the requirement will be for Peria Chronicles.

    Atm, mainly these six and a few others MMORPGs on the side

    Bless Online

    ArcheRage Private Server
    MapleStory 2 CN




    Also signed up to a couple of upcoming KR betas like Ascent: Infinite Realm, so hopefully a few more to add on to that list early into 2018.

    That's cool to hear and thanks for the welcome!

    Welcome to the Peria family Nocht!

    I think I've seen you around from Revelation Online, possibly!

    Good luck on making videos, I know there's a lot of people who can't wait to start streaming game play and I don't blame them.

    Hey, Saikochai, I'm guessing you are Rem from Revelation! Thanks and happy to be here, haha.

    I just want to point out that many have mentioned on discord that google has mistranslated the thisisgamecom article that is used as grounds for

    Peria Chronicles has announced that they will release the KR version in December 2017.

    While it is still possible that a "release" will be in December, it is likely just news as the article also states that more news will come in winter. Still good to keep the hype going. I have a feeling something big is coming up in December, whatever it is. They're not missing G-star for nothing.

    My interest for Peria went from like a 5 to a 10 watching this video

    Hype meter is over 9,000!!

    nice video

    Glad you think so ^^

    Wow, now I'm so hyped! Can't wait for this game. Also your voice is very soothing haha. ( ´ ▽ ` )

    You and me both, and thank you 8)

    i really d'like ot know when Peria will be out of closed or open beta so i can decide to start playing other games on a big basis so taht you cant stop playing them or playing games for fun so i can swith fast to Peria.

    We have still a long wait. Don't worry about it sneaking up on you. If anything comes up about it, I'm certain you'll hear about it everywhere. If not, from me.

    Hello everyone, I would like to share my game overview video of Peria Chronicles with you, which the information and translations on this fansite has had tremendous help with. The past week was difficult due to the fansite being down, but luckily archiveorg had most of the pages I needed archived.

    Thank you all, especially those that provide us with updates, translations, and well organized information and I hope you enjoy my overview.