• i don't know if i can post something about rumors here, because most rumores have very little to back them up but if many people talk about it, it may seem as true.

    but the rumor i was hearing lately is that there are plans on making a app for peria chronicles. this is a follow up on the ''your kirana die if you don't take care of them'' rumor. the app would be more of a card game that would center around the kirana (you know taking care and feeding them and such). there was also talk about it being a sort of heartstone clone with kirana but others say it will be more like pokemon. like i said these are rumors. but i heard it on so many accasions that i am getting very suspicous. and on a financial level it makes sens. if peria would be a hit then you could add to it with a WAY less expensive app. plus apps get played a lot without any advertisment its mostly because friends play it so that would only mean more money.

    what do you guys think about this. did you ever hear of this like i did. or maybe you have more rumors.:saint:

  • if they want players to really take care of their kirana in said app, it kind of sounds like tamagotchi but i also know some people that don't have a smartphone and it feels like they would have their kirana die on them if they have to be offline for a while so it might bebbetter to also include a long term ingame solution for that

    And even if they made the app free when and if it comes, they would still make money from ads

    I do have to get to my next class now so i'll look into it more when i get home:)

  • http://mmoculture.com/2016/09/…hint-possible-mobile-app/

    i have found this so it's possible that there will be an app but in all honesty, it just says that thingsoft has 2 peria chronicles trademarks and that there is an app in development but it doesn't say anything about the app being related to peria

    and i don't know anything about all that corporate stuff so for all i know they could just as well have trademarked both the game and the engine they developped to run it on as they could have made an app

  • I really wouldn't mind a Tamagotchi app^^


    #photoshopmaster (sarcasm)

    But it is way, way to early to start developing a mobile extension for Peria Chronicles, unless they intend to make it a huge thing. Or they have like one guy on the development team. The "PC" game itself isn't even in alpha.