• Hey there,

    I'm Mira, but I also go by the username "SockMonster" in most forums/games. You might've already seen me around this forum, you might not have. It's been quite a number of months since then. i figured since I didn't make an introductory post when i first joined, I'd take the opporunity to do that now which will also be a nice way of announcing my return.

    **Insert story of how i discovered peria blah blah blah

    SO more about me (not that anybody's interested);I'm just your typical sleep deprived, uni student from australia but no matter how busy life gets I usually make time every night for tv/anime or more recently gaming (recently got back into heroes of the storm) to help me unwind from the day. yes, yes, i know. Fairly typical of the average person here who likes anime and games so i thought i'd spice things up with a few of my quirks:

    1) I don't usually listen to music except for when i need to focus. I have a particular playlist i turn on when studying for exams or finishing some last minute assessments to help me not procrastinate.

    2) loves seafood but absolutely dispise fish. blehh.

    3) easily amused by the most random and mundane things ever.

    4) Is still salty about being seenzoned a couple months back.

    Anyway, I'm planning on taking a gap year in 2019, any ideas what I could do with all that time? Other than the typical "travel" response. :P

    feel free to msg me for any reason (or absolutely no reason at all) since I'm always up for a chat.