Guild's focused on creating

  • Hey everyone!

    So I don't know if I'm using this part the forum right, since I'm not really like "recruiting" for a guild, well.. maybe.

    See, I was wondering if anyone is interested in somehow creating a guild based on doing more building/creating for Peria.

    A guild that would focus on trying to gather people to make towns, create quests, building devices/games (like the tetris shown in a trailer) all that.

    Basically wondering if people have a interest in this, because I for one think I'd spend more time on these sort of things (also probably being social) than fighting and questing a lot.

  • Id be all for that! If were lucky we can represent multiple guilds? probably not but one can dream. :D Anywho even if im not part of your guild ill always be down to help, I want to see all the unique buildings the community will create

    Thanks everyone! >w<

    I think I might try to create one of the first creative/creating types of guilds. Well depending on what the requirements to start a guild is owo

    gl and I believe in you :P

  • With Peria coming soon I totally wanna plan out this guild, though I wasn't going to before.

    So I guess I'll say my plans for it.

    I don't feel like I'd be guild master material, but I'd try.

    Anyway I want a guild focused on bringing more into the Peria World.

    One of my personal goals is to make a town between large space of nothingness, such as a desert that lacks much except monsters and quests in random areas (Like Mabinogi has). So I want to make a small desert town for travelers/adventures.

    A guild focused on hanging out together, questing, and the main priority would be creating.

    Since creating requires programming, I would like that it would focus on people who know how to program and willing to help others. Teacher-Student kind of thing. But I'd like it to also feel like a family.

    Depending on other aspects of the game I would add to this. I wonder if guilds can have custom symbols? Because I'd totally design one then for it