It's my Pleasure to be here.

  • Hello everyone,

    First and foremost, my name is Strayed. It is my pleasure to be here and I am excited to meet all of you.

    I guess I can describe myself as a simple kind of guy. One that enjoys to read, write and design whatever I am inspired by at the time. Also, I enjoy video games (of course) and Anime, so it is no wonder I am here. Among all the MMOs that I have played, I don't think there ever has been one that allows me to have an impact on my environment and the people around as this game claims to be able to do. So I am gladly welcoming it with open arms. Honestly, I gotta say the game looks fantastic. The mechanics seem solid, creation looks extensive and content can be (in theory) limitless. So I as soon as I heard about this game, I was sold, and I truly hope it delivers on it.

    I suppose what hooked me far above anything else was the simple concept of being "Creative". Now, this is truly something to be awed by. Let me explain, most MMOs are defined by what the things they put the most effort into. So if you talk about a game like Blade and Soul, then you are most likely talking about (A) The competitive PVP scene. (B) The Sex Appeal. Or (C) The Wuxia theme. If you are talking about Secret World Legends, then you are probably mentioning (A) H.P. Lovecraft-verse or (B) Modern Day MMO. If Kingdom Under Fire II comes up in conversation, then you are mostly discussing (A) The blend of Action-Combat and RTS in an MMO and etc. — I think you get what I mean. So my point is this, what do you think of when you talk about Peria Chronicles? :)

    Peria Chronicles is an MMORPG sandbox game that flaunts, if not boasts about the ability to generate content through its player base. It's like Christmas but better. How many times have you asked yourself in another game... "Damn why is like that?" or "Wouldn't it be cool if it were like this?" or to be more specific "Why does it feel like no matter what the flying F**k I do, nothing actually changes...". I am sure this is true to everyone at one point or another, and I bet you will say the same about this game. However, I bet that when you do, it will be complaints about "the means in which you change things" as opposed to the usual "this is how things just are". Now Imagine being able to change an aspect of a game at a fundamental level. What I mean is—

    "Look Strayed— that was your name, right? You sound fancy but you barely know anything about the game. For all we know, the "creative" aspect is a linear system that really gives little unless you spend hours upon hours to unlock everything. Maybe they rely on an energy or point system that limits how much you can do at the time unless you buy some proprietary currency to raise the cap."

    Well yes. This is true. There is an enormous amount of bias and presumptions in my introduction. But the core concept does not change. Every MMO has grind, I think we have come to accept this as an expectation. While perhaps the grind isn't a "monster killing" grind. It certainly can be a lot of other things that ultimately require a lot of time and useless effort to gain a menial amount of reward. But again, the core concept is still good. We have been given the tools to change and shape our world as we see fit (within reason). And that promotes creativeness as the number one most important factor when joining this game. It isn't how good your reflexes are, or how knowledgeable one is about stats. Nope. By the looks of this game, your "Raid Boss" is yourself. The only person standing against your ability to create content is your inability to put forth the effort to actually make it.

    So how is this game better than Christmas? Well, I was joking about that. But It sounds amazing regardless if you are onboard the hype train or not. And hopefully (yet doubtfully) it would be able to reach a level of second-life custom content. But that may be asking too much lol.

    Now I apologize for my nonsensical ramblings, even I talk hot air when thinking about the potential this game can have as being "creative".

    Anyways, great to meet ya. Hope to see you guys in-game one of these days. :D

  • First off, let me just say welcome to the forums!

    It's really great to have someone new here~

    Also, when I hear Peria Chronicles, I think about life. I'm sure a lot of people think of creativity but I think I'll be one of the people to love living in the creations and world others create, rather than create much myself.

  • let's get the important stuff over with before i go any further.

    have a cookie

    now that we've got that behind us, we can move on.

    what i think about when someone mentions peria isn't really the life skills or creative aspect of the game. for me, it's freedom. freedom to do what i want, even if that includes creation and life skills from time to time.

    and let's also not forget.

    welcome to the community strayed, i hope to see you around both on the forum and possibly ingame as well.

  • Like many before me Welcome! before I go on my little rant is like to say that, while peria isn't better than Christmas it's a present you'll surely enjoy day after day!

    I can feel the enthusiasm radiating from you ????

    You're very detailed and I like that! While any game can't be "Perfect" personally peria is doing a good job at seeming so. The amount of freedom they're promising is like no other, just the fact that we can shape the environment to our liking is already great. Pair that along with the fact that you can create many things as a player (such as dungeons) and you're on a good path.