peria = overlord

  • so this hit me like a truck. Because overlord (anime) gets a new season i wanted to rewatch the old one to refresh my memory of it. although the game is a VR game like SAO it has a scary resemblance to overlord at least on some things. Most notably the fact that you can make your own raid dungeon. In overlord the MC is a endgame player that has the strongest dungeon in the whole game. the dungeon is devided in 10 floors that are protected by self made guadrians. If i am correct then you should be able to make something like that in peria, and if you are able to make a new interface you should be able to make an NPC. The game in overlord had two parts, the grindfest outside the dungeon (or for peria that would be the place where you grind kirana) and the player made dungeons. Well there were dungeons made by the devs but the main gig of the game where those player created ones.

    case and point: i think that peria has a lot of simularities to the game in overlord

    what do you think?


  • But I think is more like "Only Sense Online".

    There is a description a system about creat & raid playre's dungeon.

    It's very interesting.

    Unlike the overlord is "owned" this absolute power.

    More likely play a chess between the creator and raiders.

    Unlike overlord, the main character of the overlord exists in a hostile manner, its power is not equal to the dungeon raiders.

    Only Sense Online players in the game is equal each other. Dungeon creator's gain from failure of the dungeon raiders, and the successful dungeon raiders will divided some from the creater's proceeds.