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    "Let's do it together. We are all Akasha's creatures. ""Water embraces everything warmly."- Story of YOSUHA -The world of Arca was born from Akasha's emotions and colorful experiences.Every Kirana was born in Akasha, each having a reason for being born in the world and believing that the reason was to follow Akasha's will.However, as too many Kirana are born from various emotions, there is a lot of conflict between them. There was a fight between tribes or a bigger unit.Akasha did not engage in…
  • "the dark shade"
    seems like everything was fine untill some external force messed everything up and since akasha was called the god of chaos in the very early stages of the lore, i'm just going with the external force corrupted akasha.

    i have other theories too but for now, this one seems to fit the most

    and the yosuha is one of the last akasha makes before all that "dark shade" happened so we're starting to see a very basic timeline appearing throughout the lore