Pendro, A Curious Creature

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    Pendro, A Curious Creature. "All my heart is this ball" "My eyes are cold but my heart is warm. And I want to know more about you." The creatures born from AKASHA's feelings of coldness were not always funny. "I made it, but you guys are not funny." In Akasha's grumbling, the enormous guardian Kirana Harantua was perplexed and told Akasha "You make us ...." "So why do not you try snowballing your eyes together here?" Akasha made his eyes round and round to make snowballs. "Wait, I think I'd…
  • this time akasha is refered to as a male character and there is mention of harantua wich has not been introduced in this way yet (unless that is the korean name for one of them)

    unfortunately i do no longer have as much time as i did before to analyse anything that could reveal more information so, at least for now, i will leave it at that