Town Guardian, Draugr introduction

Draugr, Naïve Kiranas.

“I’m patrolling the area!” “Just make an order!”

Draugr's History
Akasha once created a great armor. This armor was very solid, nice looking, and heavy. It was good enough to conceal Akasha’s identity, but also too heavy to wear for Akasha.
“it’s so heavy and hot that I can’t wear it!” Akasha said after trying the armor.
The armor was imbued with the life breath of Akasha and became animated. However, it did not move and just stood there waiting for Akasha’s order.

Akasha gave an order, but it did not respond. The heartless armor could not understand the meaning of what Akasha said.

“You have brought me to life, but i cannot move by myself”

Akasha named the armor “Draugr” and gave it the following order.

“You have mighty power. Use the power to protect the weak ones and be a loyal to the Kirana. Whenever I need you, be my armor”

“I will accept your orders”

Draugr saluted Akasha honorably; his eyes were burning brightly.

Draugr is often seen in towns. When Draugr wields a huge weapon to attack it's enemy, most of them are knocked out in just a single blow. This mighty power is the reason why Draugr protects the town. Draugr never forgets his duty to protect the town and the Kirana that live in it. For many Humans and Kirana, Draugr is a friendly and helpful friend. They know they need it to live a protected and safe life.


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    • Akasha seems nice...
      • akasha was refered to as the god of chaos in early publications but it seems that the devs either let that idea go or we were on the right track in the akasha thread