The guardiance Kirana, Mariel introduction

“Fellow Contractors, we are mariel, we have come to help you.”
“It’s not hard, come and have a try”

- Mariel’s History -

When a shooting star flew by one night, Akasha was making a toy called Mariel, while she was still in the middle of making Mariel, she wished that she had her own Kirana to help her.

If only I had someone kind enough to talk to, someone to catch my mistakes.

While she was still wondering about someone that could help her, a clockwork doll sitting on a table next to her fell to the floor. There was nobody next to her, or any sudden movements, so Akasha held the doll up and looked around the room carefully.

“I should wind up this doll.”

As she wound up the doll, it started to move by itself, she named the Kirana Mariel and took Mariel around the world and show her many diverse places. The Mariel’s heard why Akasha made these Kiranas and what her intention was. These Kirana’s had different behaviors, attitudes and appearances and that they were all equally created by Akasha. This is what Akasha said to her her own Mariel.

“Do you now know that the 5 properties came out of nowhere?"

“Yes my Lord, Akasha”

“Now that you have a small understanding of how I think, when I am not around you should soothe them all.”

“My Lord, Akasha, you are the creator of us all, how can you disappear?”

After listening to what Mariel had said, Akasha laughed softly and just gazed at Mariel.

- Mariel’s Special Skill -

When a contractor is in danger, Mariel will also attack the enemies surrounding her contractor.

New Contractors to PERIA, who are clueless or confused; Mariel’s all-round special skill is an essential skill.


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