Interview with the Executive Producer

It's been a year already since the last Social Media Update but a recently interview with the Executive Producer of Nexon revealed that Peria is definitely still in development. You can read the Google Translated Interview below or watch this video that sums up its content.


Let's talk about Peria Chronicles. I have a lot of questions. Is not it the project that represents 'various attempts' that 띵 is aiming at?

The most troublesome thing. (Laughter) It was shocking when I went to Jisuta last year. People say, 'Did you make it?'

There was a lot of rumors in the industry. I feel like I was out of the way because I was folded.

It was not folded, but it was right. Nexon was a stubborn look at how it looks. Can you say that it is Nexon? We had a 'needless craftsmanship' among us, but I do not know if this will be appreciated. I have to make good.

When I first saw it, I felt a lot of newness. Art also.

I have long studied cartoon rendering. The quality was also very high and I heard a lot of things about it. The art team is really good, and I have done a lot of technical research. I have not been doing cartoon rendering properly for 10 years on PC online. So I keep studying while looking at console games like <Naruto>. Japan has steadily grown this technology on the console side.

What was the problem?

The way of assembling graphics or items was fresh. But the complexity is too high. I thought that it was the first problem when I went to G-Star, but I got a bad impression on the users because the frame rate dropped a lot, and the way that I can assemble the items from the bottom seems to be very difficult for the users.

For example, if you make a street lamp and look at a typical development, there are bulbs, batteries, switches, and so on. However, when I look at the <Ferry Chronicle> development chart, I do not know what it is, and I feel it is a complex development.

At that time, we thought that it was important to know that anyone could learn if it was difficult to learn. I thought it would not be a problem if the UI was a bit complicated. The most talked about by people was "I do not know what it is". I am ready to make everything, but should I say that I had no idea what to make or how to make it?

After Gistar goes, we turn around and we concentrate on it. Let's create a content that a typical RPG user can do for hours and make it in Open World. The UI is as simple as possible, so do not let it build from the bottom, even if you make something. For example, let's modularize components like 'chip' to make it easier to write. So structurally it changed a lot of content. Since the second year, I have mainly done such work.

Now the game has changed a lot. The battle style was also card battle style, but it was not. However, the basics of the game, UCC, mode creation, and what users can code with Python are still alive. I'm working on making the game more 'like a game'.

What does it look like?

If you connect to <Minecraft>, there is nothing on the ground. However, in the <Fellas Chronicle>, I thought that it should not be. In the old days, if you make it up and give it the tool, the users will make the world to take care of it. So, even after the <Mine Craft> world, I showed you some structures that I could make, gave me some fun, and then I decided to make it.

Did you make it six or seven years now?

This year has been over 7 years. It took too long to build the engine itself. And it took a long time to make terrain on the engine. <Mine Craft> can go down the ground and make dungeons, too. I made it that way. I think that it is possible to create a user in the true sense to do so. Once the content is updated, it does not end up spending it once.

Cartoon Rendering has been working well over 2 ~ 3 years ago. The important thing is. Making it possible for users to create what we can create. But when I concentrate too much on it, the whole game is broken.

I think maybe I can get to the starter this year when the work I'm holding is over. Of course I can not go out and die. (Laughter) I used to sit around researching that I was always looking for something new. Now it is stopping and making 'game'. But I try to keep it with originality and cheapness. For example, trying to escape from the growing structure of the level up approach.

How can I get out of the structure?

Why is RPG not fun? I think the reason is one. When kids are in high school, life is just like having no fun. If I sit at school, will not I take a test? Life is in order. The sequence is based on just one criterion.

The former minister said in an interview. If there are 360 students, 360 would be happy if everyone had the same direction. Because you are the first in each direction in 360 directions. Someone is good at running, and some are good at making up. But our country is only one standard of grades. It's not just English, math, but an average score for all subjects.

The same is true for RPG. When you access a game, it is ranked as one 'combat power'. Everyone is thirsty there. All of the content is exhausted except the content that can increase the attack power. I do not study to read and understand books, then solve problems and answer them. But the girl next to her went to school and she learned to compress it. Then I have to go to school. The girl next door is going to the more famous school. He is a better school. Everyone becomes unhappy to sit in a few places.

Does RPG have any good items for you? I have to do item farma. There are a few people who occupy a fixed place in the competition of all items. The quests that developers have prepared are becoming useless. In the quest, he said, "He likes to drink, so go check out the pub." Users search for it, take coordinates and run the quest.

<Maple Story 2> Even if I look at it, I go to and from a taxi and decorate the house. But since there are levels in the game, the users say, 'Hey, why are you making a house? If you have to level up, the user who is decorating the house throws up and goes to level up. I think I'm losing somehow.

There is a limit to what you can level up. As every game goes backwards like Lineage, the necessary exponential increases in exponential value, so that 'game is not level 20 even for 10 years'. <Lineage> is an item deal, so I work hard. When the level is expanded, just run and finish it, and if you want to 'turn it off', the development team will just say 'Oh my content is awake'. Then the users are finished in another month.

I think that is the fundamental problem that RPG has. The only way to make a variety of goals is to live somehow. If you have a level up in the game and you want to play a variety of items, the users will do it. The game system must support its various goals. If you are a high school student, you do not need to look for a chef. If you like cooking, you can chef. Whatever you do, you need to be able to solve the 'growth' needs.

I started <Peria Chronicles> to see it. The concept of item production is entered, the map production enters, and the user can change the quest. Things started to get tangled like that. (Laughter) The time has gone by to follow the ideal ones. Team size is much smaller than other RPG projects. It is a small, long-lived project. But if I do not get it, I think I will break the record.

When you first connect to RPG, people start to level up as if they were learned. Can you say that there is no such thing as the Peria Chronicles?

At first I thought it might disappear. But it's gone and people can not catch it. It 's like there' s no problem to the person who solved the problem. So, to solve the problem, the person who solved the problem of A1, A2, A3 .. I have the choice to solve the problem all the time, and after solving A1, I solve B1 and then I can solve C1 and let it grow the same. As a result, this is not a waste of time.

It's also true that they spend money on mobile games. I started the game the same way, but I have to work hard to get into the game. I can not even play 2 hours a day. It 's annoying because I spend money first.

Philosophically, I tried to approach different styles. The project has grown a lot because of such foolish thoughts.

I have said that it has changed a lot, but what is said in the changed <Peria Chronicles> is valid.

Valid. In the past I overlooked the connection of such things, but this time I fixed it. The original 80% is the same and 20% is different. It 's fresh, but because it' s 90% different, it 's not' fresh 'but' strange '. So now I am giving the first impression of 'freshness' and developing it in the direction of giving the impression that 'this world was there?'

Let's consider Mabinogi. In Mabinogi, the reason for cutting wool is because it is a necessary process to make an item. But even if you only cut wool, if you get the same efficiency as going into a dungeon and hunting, you just have to shear the wool for 24 hours.

Why did you tell this story if someone made a map in the <Fellas Chronicle>. And somebody else put a device like this in here to make it a moderate difficulty, and I also created a quest to 'Save the Princess'. And when someone comes and wakes up one time, I make a rule that it costs only 100 won and wakes up within 20 minutes. This is Nexon, and I swear.

If you make this available to the user, someone will create a map, someone will make a quest, and someone else will put money here and spend money on it. Users do these unnecessary (?) Things that the dungeon and monster beats and growth is not a big difference in the one-way growth problem is solved. This does not work well with RPG. This is a big difference from the existing RPG.

I think the intention is good. Do you want your users to have fun with their intentions?

It is very likely not to be. The risk is high. Even so, people can run to level up. But there is another answer. I do not have an answer. The MMORPG content ends in three months. After launching MapleStory 2, the content was over in a month. When I first planned <Maple Story 2>, I said, 'People will level up, I will build a house with a taxi.' But I did not need it. There is a limit to how to create and attach content.

This is because it is hard for users to attach and play content along with speed, so it takes a long time to use the various techniques to extend the life of the content. Then it will be harder.

'I have to find the answer to the MMORPG somehow.'

If you say coolly, the users are tired when users turn around the dungeon. Yes, the company goes into a server non-network cost, you can not keep the same monster again. You have to make monster again. It's just a process of growth, so I follow it, and the funny hunting is 10% of the whole? The rest is just anger.

Then he says that he should be different. Now mobile is solving it with my automatic battle or my money. Also, since mobile can make content more quickly than online, it is going to be patronizing and selling one month. <Chronicle of Feria> is an attempt to solve this content depletion problem in a different direction. But the possibility of not doing well is more than half.

It is the level that shows the most intuitive growth. For example, if you enjoy cooking in <Peria Chronicles> and you only work hard to cook, will it become a 'cooking level' to show growth? Or is it a different concept?

It's a leak. (Laughter) Let's think. Levels are limited anyway. Except for <Lineage>. The question now is, 'What is the way I show my growth?' It is very diverse.

In <World of Warcraft> for example, there is no more skill to use depending on the level. However, level and skill play separately. You can tell the growth by level, the number of skills you can use, the items you have and the recipe. These are all expressions of growth. I do not need to scratch through hunting.

If it is such a concept, what does it mean to 'count'?

right. Here is a philosophical question. Is it a crab level, an item, an attack power, a skill you have. <The Chronicles of Feria> is structured so that the skill comes off from the body. It is the concept of 'bing'. If you use a fireball, Kiranara, which I have, shoots fireballs, and I am a system to raise Kirana. Kirana is not a living creature but has a stats. The ability is not equal to the same level.

I know this is better than him and I can not do that, but he does not come out in numbers unless he is stronger than him. You can not compare it to 1: 1.

The game StarCraft does not change, but the build does not always change. If this is impractical, drop it. As you can see, the <Fellas Chronicle> also combines my skills to combine skills, how to combine skills, and how to use them, depending on whether the win or loss can be divided. It builds 100% to win.

The ultimate content is PVP.

It will be a pleasure as PVP and producer. The important thing is growth. The pleasure of being able to grow me the way I want. That joy can come from a lot of money, from a PVP victory, from increasing the number of Kirana, or from making a cheerier Kirana. The content that gives the greatest sense of accomplishment is called PVP, which connects the growth process in many directions.

If the fireball level is 3, the damage is usually the same. But we are going to do the same damage with the same level of fireballs. Because I'm a fireball player, I'm a living creature, so I have variables in my growth phase. If you are looking for perfection, there will be more hardcore to do. People who sell crazy sellers make a lot of things, and people who do it properly do not have to hunt, but let them enjoy it moderately.

Other companies are likely to have similar concerns. It means that people do not want to level up in MMORPG, take a punch and go dungeon and do item farming. Perhaps the <Chronicle of Feria> is solving a very difficult task.

I do not want to. I agree. It's been so hard for years. Even Blizzard is not creating a new RPG. They also think 'MMORPG is the first and the end' Wow '. I have to enjoy it because it does not seem to make good graphic wow.

There is no answer, it is difficult, but it is doing. I do not get the answer.

How many people are in the <Peria Chronicles> team?

60 people are not enough. This state continues to fry for several years. At first, it seems that everyone probably thought a lot about this philosophy. I did not do Durango anyway. I was tired of that house. (laugh)

There is such a thing. 3 months ago said RPG. Everyone thinks that there is no answer.

The art style is very unique and the quality is so good that the art team is very confident and the program and the planning team do not follow the RPG generalization and expect to be good. I will kill you. At first, I brought this story out. (Laughter) I was able to make it into a mass production with a pretty cartoon rendering style, but on the way to get rid of it.

Now it 's the fastest paying job.

In the meantime, we can do this, if we can do that and show it, that's it now, and make the game so people can enjoy it. "I know you can do it, but where does it work?"

This is true of <Mine Craft>. Do not you just make people like this once and for all? 'Why can not we do it if we can do that?' If you think about it, it is not us. <Mine Craft> is a single game, and it is only when we get in and out, because we are online RPG. User-created things must be useful in the world.

I said I want to release this year g*star, but how much progress is it?

It seems to be able to go out with quite a high probability. I am making a single story line that the user will meet for the first time while polishing other parts. If you do not get any more, you will become a Forever like Duke Newcam Forever ... (laughs)

The Chief of Fellowship is led by the vice president of Sungwon.

Before I was acquired by Nexon, I worked hard when I was in the 'soft' period. I have a director now. I am talking about this kind of thing. "Growth should not be in multiple directions." (Laughter) It's been a long time since I've been talking about these things. In the old days, I went deep without end, and now I am in an atmosphere where I am going to go deep.

Durango also challenged others. I would have felt something like watching Durango in the same position.

I also spent a lot of time creating terrains and making ecosystems from procedural creation, but when I launched the site, users were more interested in it than others. If Durango is better at the box office, we can say, "Hey! Do not worry about it! We should keep doing this! " (Laughter) "Oh, people turn around quickly, I think I should pay more attention to what people accept, rather than gonzo." More games. Less unfamiliar.

Could you give a word to the users who are waiting for <Peria Chronicles>.

I hear a lot of such stories. "What the hell are you doing? I went to the army when I said this was coming out, but I'm at work now."

I have fixed a lot of it, but I am working hard without losing an intuition. I do not intend to make it roughly. Level up, it's not that you are a gang of combat power, so you might want to look forward to this part, and it would have been better if time had been better than before. But I think I sold too much medicine in the production or UCC. (Laughter) I am working on realizing the thoughts that are too advanced. There will be rewarding waiting.


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