Halloween contest! (1st-30th of october)

Halloween is comming.

The gates to the afterlife are about to open and the souls of kirana from the past are comming back to haunt your dreams. In preparation for this dreadfull night (and because some of you asked for it), we should try getting used to scary things but we need your help to get our hands on those. Wheter they are were-omarim, blood sucking tominia or mariel carving jack-o'-lanterns.

This is why we have decided to turn it into a Halloween themed Peria art contest. Good luck everyone, but be carefull because you never know what's hiding in the night....

practical information

  • The contest will be open for submissions from the first of october untill october 30th.
  • Winners of the contest will be awarded with stars.
    • first place: 500 stars
    • second place: 250 stars
    • third place: 100 stars
  • Contestants are allowed to submit multiple pieces of art but points are awarded to the art, not the artists. (In other words, points on multiple pieces from the same person do not stack)
  • judges are Furia, Poke, rain2reign, Mecha Fanboy and oeroe. Each judge has a total of 10 points to distribute.
  • submissions can be posted to: Halloween contest submissions!



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