Dysley, graceful Kirana.

"Sometimes it's good enough to know the truth."

"Dignity attracts people."

- The story of Dysley -

The Kirana's rushed around the Arca and made the various Arca more enriching. The Kirana of Arka brought the materials from Arka into various forms and brought them to Akasha.

Of course, there was no life in the creations made by Kirana, and it was merely a commodity, but Akasha began to look at all the things that Kirana had made.

"I do not like anything, I just do not like anything at all..."

In Akasha's eyes, the things made by Kirana's dolls were surprisingly good, but some were so crude and weird. Akasha suddenly wondered where these differences came from.

"Everybody wants to make this stuff and make it for me, right? But why does my feelings move differently? "

"That's the difference in elegance, Akasha."

"Wow! What a surprise!"

Next to Akasha, a Kirana, dressed in a fine dress, stood.


"That's my name, Akasha."

"No, where did you come from?"

"I came out of Akasha's troubles. What is in your mind and what it does not like. Akasha. It's the difference between the elegance of those things. "

"Indeed, there is a reason."

At Dysley's end, Akasha nodded. And said to Dysley.

"So, Dysley, how about you?"

"I do not know… "

Dysley was deep in thought.

"Hmm ... "

"... "

Dysley kept thinking.

"Dysley, that answer is enough."

Every Kirana's answer is different. Akasha took a sigh of relief.

- Dysley's Battle Guide -

Dysley has the charm of attracting people. Dysley's trick draws objects around the Summoner. With this trick that Dysley has, Summoners can go up at once to high places that they can not easily reach such as, cross a broken bridge, or escape from a situation surrounded by dangerous Kirana. Imagining and applying Dysley's grace depends entirely on Summoner's ability.