"Follow me before the trail disappears."

"I do not know what is at the end of this trip. Just do it together. "

- Adyil's History -

Could a GOD lose his way?

Peril never lost her way, but Akasha was lost.

To be precise, he has intentionally created a situation that has lost its way.

As Akasha passed through the sand-winded mirage, he exploded his emotions and created a big sand storm. And He was lost in the sand storm. Again, this is not really lost. Akasha is intentionally lost to feel her feelings of being lost.

"It's interesting. The feeling of being lost. "

Usually he would not be able to open his eyes, but in a sand storm he walked slowly.

The sand storm repeatedly grows to fit his mind.

"I do not see anything."

The Kirana of the mirage have already been hiding in the safe place of each other in order not to get caught up in the sand storms that Akasha created. However, the weak Kirana were eventually blown away by sand storms.

"Once the weak are swept away, they lose all of their own."

Akasha deeply groaned as she watched the passing starter through the sandstorm. And he pierced a hole in the middle of a roughly swaying sandstorm, and made KIRANA into the sand.

"Adyil, you must be the guide of the shimmering Kirana."

Strangely enough, the surroundings of Adil in the middle of the storm were so quiet that they did not know when a sand storm had blown. It was Akasha's ability to give to Adyil.

"Go to a desolate place that is rough and untouchable. You will find Kirana in trouble and heal their wounds there.

"Don't worry, Akasha."

Adyil nodded. His eyes were shining in the storm, resembling a flying star.

- Adyil's Desperation Skill -

Adyil is not easily angry, but his attack is so powerful that his birth is born.

Adyil calls out the sand storm that he has been able to put to rest, not to move all the objects, and even the objects in the sky to fall to the ground.

And this powerful storm hits everyone around Adyil.

It's important to note that water-borne flying Kirana may get hurt when they touch Adyil.