"Let's do it together. We are all Akasha's creatures. "

"Water embraces everything warmly."

- Story of YOSUHA -

The world of Arca was born from Akasha's emotions and colorful experiences.

Every Kirana was born in Akasha, each having a reason for being born in the world and believing that the reason was to follow Akasha's will.

However, as too many Kirana are born from various emotions, there is a lot of conflict between them. There was a fight between tribes or a bigger unit.

Akasha did not engage in any of their discussions or fights, but rather thought that it would make the world a better place to leave them free. However, the controversy continued and the conflicts were repeated. Then Kirana came to think that we should make minimum standards for each other. However, because there were so many standards and classifications, all of the Kiranas, who live by showing off their charms by the five elements of wood, fire, earth, metal, and water, had to decide what to put together.

"Maybe ..."

Akasha closed his eyes and distress himself for a long time. When the glittering stars passed the Arca, he woke up.


As soon as the first word of Akasha was finished, the water swirled and YOSUHA was made in it.

The upper body of YOSUHA resembles Kirana living on the land, and the lower body resembles the Kirana living in the water and has a mysterious ability to float in the sky.

"You must be a new standard and cover all Kirana."

"Yes sir Akasha"

"Give warmth to someone warmer than anyone else, and use your strength to forgive a foolish and wicked kirana. So make them realize themselves. "

So he finished his new Kirana to show his emotions and called the name of YOSUHA. It was about the time before the entire world entered the dark shade.

- YOSUHA's desperation SKILL -

With YOSUHA's gravitational power, he makes enemies against himself and his contractors.

The more YOSUHA and the contractor's mind fit, the more she can make the summoned Kina or her side.

The opponent, who thinks he has caught the siege, becomes embarrassed when his summoned kirana becomes enemy. In the end, the technology of conversion that we wanted to use becomes a form of attacking ourselves.


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