Cheer Leader Rotas

"Smile brightly! Power will rise! "

"I'm cheering! cheer up!."

-The story of Rotas -
"I made an Arca, but this place is too hard"
One day, Akasha felt that the world was too hard.
The Kirana that Akasha makes are acting with their own wills (although Akasha did not intend).
Some Kirana, when their thoughts were different from Akasha, held on to Akasha and talked constantly. At first, Akasha, who liked to have a lot of various Kiranas, was tired of the many incidents.

"Look at this wonderful world! "

Akasha wanted to boast of the newly created spore forests, but nobody took Akasha's attention and just devoted to their work.

Akasha could not bear this anymore and shouted.

"Of these many guys, I do not always have my own, Kirana?"

Then, in the darkness of the spore forest, the small and cute Kirana came out.

And this Kirana began to support Akasha by unfolding a large flower on her head.

"Come on, Akasha! I know you! "

"you…... "

"It's so cool! Spore forest is the BEST! It's soooo cool, Akasha! "

That cheering words make him feel better.

"Shining Akasha! The highest dignity Akasha! I love you Akasha! "

This was the absolute encouragement Akasha wanted, so Akasha said to her.

"Rotas! You cheer up my feelings! "

Akasha gave him the name "Rotas," and Rotas grew stronger and began to cheerfully support him. After all, Akasha ran away because of the excessive cheering ......

-Rotas’s Battel Guide -

Rotas makes everyone happy with its bright personality and active movement even in a dark forest.

Rotas does not have much power, but the powers that do not have Kirana, who have been supported by Rotas, will rise so that they can fight more vigorously.

Unusual is that Rotas' cheering is ineffective for Kirana, who have an acupuncture or herbal skill, but it gives more power to the striking Kira nerds who are fighting hard.

Furthermore, since Rotas' cheering does not depend on enemies and friends, it is foolish to summon Rotas to save a compromised ally where enemies are stranded.