Pampton, Wild Kirana

"Pull out the fire!"

"When will it explode? Right Now! "

- The story of Pampton -
Akasha did not necessarily make Kirana happy and beautiful. Akasha also became more and more immersed in the pain of creation as the number of Kirana that he made increased.
"I can not stand it!"
Akasha stopped walking while walking the singing field.
"The weather is so good!"

Confusingly Akasha began to get angry as he got angry at the very good weather.

He was always passionate, but his anger was rare. So the Kirana of the field began to hide.

"Huh? What the hell are you? "

Akasha, who had become angry, found Kirana in front of him, staring at himself. There was a wick with a fire on his head and the light was shaking.

"PAMP - !!"

Akasha realized that this strange creature was bursting, and that this was a kilt made of his own stifling heart.

In the middle of the explosion, Akasha laughed with this odd kirina.

"I feel better when you make a sound "PAMP-" and explode. You are born of my emotions, and your name is called the pamphon! "

Akasha liked the name of Pampton, pronounced his name many times, and putting him on his side with a satisfying face, heading for a new theme again.

Unlike Akasha, who had been exploited to explode everything, he began to struggle to escape him from the frustration of being held.

- Pamton's Battle Guide -

Pampton has a high firepower despite being a relatively low grade and is a favorite of contractors who deal with fire properties. When you use the Pampton to your desired target, it will explode and damage it.

Pampton have the property of damaging in proportion to the SP of the opponent, so they are strong to the stronger and weak to the weaker one.

Many people love it because they can knock down powerful Kirana at a relatively low cost. However, if a person who is attacked by the attack is jumped into our camp, it can cause horrific results because it affects not only the target but also the surrounding area.