Pendro, A Curious Creature

Pendro, A Curious Creature.

"All my heart is this ball"

"My eyes are cold but my heart is warm. And I want to know more about you."

The creatures born from AKASHA's feelings of coldness were not always funny.

"I made it, but you guys are not funny."

In Akasha's grumbling, the enormous guardian Kirana Harantua was perplexed and told Akasha "You make us ...."

"So why do not you try snowballing your eyes together here?"

Akasha made his eyes round and round to make snowballs.

"Wait, I think I'd better explain it here rather than doing it myself."

At the same time, a curious creature emerged in front of Aketsha's eyes. He had long wings on his short legs, but he did not seem to be able to fly. I have an eye that looks somewhat blind there. Akasha looked at him carefully and bounced his hand.

"Yes! You look like the birds of the other world I had seen in my dreams before! I will call your name PENGDRO!"

"You were born for a snowball fight! Come on, PENGDRO! "

As soon as the conversation was over, PENDRO quickly thrust his eyes as hard as he could.

"It's not throwing at me! You dumbass !!! "

The scream of Akasha sounded in the carving valley.

"LOLO?!" he was just wondering

- Battle Guide of Pendro-

He throws snowballs from somewhere and attacks them. Do not ignore the power that he throws, a small body. This snowball is pretty hard and worse than I thought. They are curious and like the nature of Akasha, who likes to play. His flexible arms allow the snowball to fly fast and powerful. Note the massive snowball attacks that his flock throws in the Carvings Valley. If you go to say that it is cute, you may get a great flood. Thanks to the unique affinity mentioned above, he has a good relationship with humans and enjoys ranged attacks.


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