Guardian of the Flame, Tominia Introduction

“A Flaming fire!”

“Life burns in the flames of ruin.”

- Tominia’s Story -

On the second night, Akasha was unsatisfied with everything she had created; some Kirana were too big, some too small, others too rude to her or even too boring. She was unnerved by this, which led her to stay up all night doing nothing for four days.

“How on earth can I make something I am fond of?”

On the 4th day when she was floundering in agony over creation, a shooting star crashed down right in her chest. All the frustrations and furies in Akasha were ignited with a flame. Before long, the flame took form and sprang up before her. She picked it up into her hands out of delight.

“Having burned all of my frustrations and pains, you finally showed up! Feeling hot and warm is merely a difference of emotion among those who felt it. You will become a burning fire and a gentle wind.”

With her words the flame transformed itself into a lady with flames. What this lady saw at first was Akasha with a bright smile.

“ I name you Tominia.”


Tominia smiled and realized that she had just been broken away from Akasha's feelings.

The new day begins in Araca after four dark days.

- The Special Skill of Tominia -

Tominia summons powerful flames that burn everything to dust with her hands when a contractor is in a tough situation. By her throwing the powerful flames that are bright enough to be blind and burning hot, everything but a contractor will be destroyed. This broad and huge explosion is too immense to be measured with numbers. The special skill spelled by far the most powerful skill Tominia has. It's been recorded as the skill with the highest temperature and the most destructive power. Just run without hesitation when you encounter beautiful and arrogant Tominia. Otherwise, you will only see the eternal darkness.



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