Akasha, Goddess of Kirana

With more and more lore being revealed about the game, I thought I'd revisit key characters in Peria Chronicles and go over what we really know.

Because things are subject to change, and there's a lot of outside interpretation going on, I'll list what we know in the order we were told.

Akasha is the goddess of all Kirana, the one who creates them with her life breath. She is the lord of the realm of Araca, and referred to by the humans as the goddess of chaos.

But before Araca and Peria clashed, Akasha simply created her Kirana. When she felt protection was needed for her subjects, she created Draugr to protect her towns and the Kirana in them.

At one point, Akasha attempted to make a toy and thought to herself, "I wish I had someone kind to help me and catch my mistakes". Thus, Mariel was born. Mariel helps guide anyone and is a kind Kirana. Akasha then took Mariel all across her realm, and showed her the world.


So far, we've come to understand that Akasha is actually a very kind ruler/goddess of her realm. She protects her Kirana, and creates Kirana that are kind and helpful. She loves Kirana.

But now let's go back to the conflict. With the crash of Peria and Araca, Akasha becomes a threat to the humans. Some Kirana now work with the humans to fight off Akasha and her forces.

Now with all the information we know thus far, I have a question for everyone reading and learning about Akasha!

Is Akasha truly evil?

How can such an evil goddess create such kind Kirana, and love her subjects/creations?

How can an evil goddess of chaos, create Kirana that wish to protect and guide humans?

That's up to you guys to decide! Go ahead and post your thoughts about Akasha, the Goddess of Kirana.


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    • everyone talking about lore and I'm sitting here still trying to figure out how to post on forums XD
    • Or maybe it's the humans who are the real evil here and are trying to enslave the Kirana to serve their purposes, which is what Akasha is trying to prevent.
      • Possibly. Kirana can not exist in Peria without a contract to a human, so it seems like contracts are a mutual thing. But in the game, it'll probably be something humans force onto some Kirana.
    • well, a while back there was a thread were we already speculated wheter akasha would really be evil before we knew all this new information so i would say we were on the right track and it's all just a misunderstanding and/or she has her reasons for trying to invade peria (if that really is her purpose)